PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC ventured out into the world for the very first time in February 2017.

In the constellation of twelve young musical talents, the pilot project PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC was able to not only present a completely new combination of musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Finald, but also a unique chance to test their musical abilities and social competences in an heretofore unseen Nordic constellation.


● Gustav Husfeldt Hendriksen: Bass ●  Julius Stenberdt: Guitar ● Gustav Hagelskjær: Drums ● Freder Holger Thorsen: Piano ● Anna Falk Nørgaard: Vocals


● Miranda Díaz Rømmesmo: Saxofon ●  Emil Kjellqvist: Saxofon ● Linnea Avelin: Vocals


● Amanda Linnea Rönnblom: Acoustic Guitar ●  Siri Ojala: Violin  ● Sana Staaf: Vocals ● Emil Enlund: Piano ●