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When music plays, we automatically get transported to a magical, strange and abstract space where important senses and emotions that we otherwise take for granted are awakened.

Music creates a universe where time stands still and where we experience things that we did not know we had in us. Conditions where we forget ourselves, time and just feel and sense.

Time stands still when Prince plays at 5-Øren, Roskilde or Skanderborg Music Festival. Time stands still and music unifies when you experience Ollerup Boarding School’s 120 students singing in a choir. Time stands still when you sit in the concert hall and you’re seduced by the symphony orchestra which plays. Time stands still – you just want to be right there where you are when the music plays. Good qualities like community, loyalty, creativity, spontaneity, passion and empathy live in music.

Music is progressive, embraces and peers curiously into the future, reflecting the present and is respectful of the past foundation. Historically, it has been found that music, musicians and composers have been the future visionaries, both spiritually and philosophically. The result is new life values ​​that change the world to a better one.

Music turns on, opens and inspires.

Music is human, peaceful and loaded with warm, optimistic energy.

Every car has a radio and it is used by everyone. When music plays, there is a specific sanctuary, a free space where we lose ourselves in a good mood and feel the spirit. Less, joy, sorrow, miss and hope, the music is magical in us.

The universal language of music brings people together and unites us across all kinds of boundaries and shells.

This sanctuary is healing and vital to all of us who live in this oh so realistic world.
– Bo Stief